Historical data

Here you can find monthly anonymised trip data from Oslo City Bike. Are you doing anything cool with this data? Let us know on post@oslobysykkel.no.

Trip data

Legacy trip data from before April 2019 can be found at the bottom of this page

Ideas to get you started

  • 🚌 Compare the speed of cycling to other forms of public transport
  • 🚲 Visualise the most popular cycling routes in Oslo
  • ⚡️ Map out the "rush hour" of different stations
  • 📈 Make a neat infographic based on these numbers



Data selection

The data include trips with a duration of at least one minute, made during Oslo City Bike regular opening times. This excludes cancelled trips and bikes moved by our team. The data is published at midnight UTC, meaning there will be different number of trips for a day in this data, compared to the numbers on the live station page that is following local timezone.


started_atTimestampTimestamp of when the trip started
ended_atTimestampTimestamp of when the trip ended
durationIntegerDuration of trip in seconds
start_station_idStringUnique ID for start station
start_station_nameStringName of start station
start_station_descriptionStringDescription of where start station is located
start_station_latitudeDecimal degrees in WGS84Latitude of start station
start_station_longitudeDecimal degrees in WGS84Longitude of start station
end_station_idStringUnique ID for end station
end_station_nameStringName of end station
end_station_descriptionStringDescription of where end station is located
end_station_latitudeDecimal degrees in WGS84Latitude of end station
end_station_longitudeDecimal degrees in WGS84Longitude of end station

Real time data

You may also get real time data about bike and station availability

Legacy trip data

The legacy trip data follows a different format. This is the available variables:
start_station_idStringUnique ID for start station
start_timeTimestampTimestamp of when the trip started
end_station_idStringUnique ID for end station
end_timeTimestampTimestamp of when the trip ended
Stations have different identifiers in the legacy data. Some of the locations might also have changed. These files will help you: