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Like most other websites, uses cookies. Cookies store data in your browser when you visit a website. You can choose to turn off cookies, but we don’t recommend it.

What do we use cookies for?

  • Giving you the same language each time, based on what you’ve selected
  • Making sure that you keep the link to when you move between different sites, which is especially important if you’re going to purchase a subscription or gift certificate.
  • Making sure that we know who you are if you contact customer service several times. For this we use the service Intercom.
  • Logging how you move through the website so that we can - without identifying individuals - see through statistics how is used, and how we can make improvements. This logging is done using Google Analytics, which is the most common method for this.

What does the law say?

The Norwegian Law on Electronic Communications has a separate cookie paragraph (§ 2-7b) primarily intended to safeguard us against spyware. One of the measures says that everyone who has a website must provide information about their (legal) use of cookies. We do that through this article.

It is also essential that those who visit have approved the fact that we store cookies in your browser. The law defines this by saying that you approve cookies when you are informed about them, and if you have not turned off cookies (yup, we agree that it’s pretty corny).

How to disable cookies 🍪🍪🍪?

Settings for cookies are (unfortunately) found in several different places, depending on which browser you use. Here are some instructions for frequently used browsers:

Overview of cookies on

Below are some technical details about which cookies we store, and what they’re used for.

  • locale: Remembering which language you selected
  • (cookies starting with) intercom_: Recognizing you as the same user when you contact customer service via chat. More information.
  • (cookies starting with) _ga Building anonymous statistics about how is used. More information.

Any questions?

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