About 50.000 people in Oslo use the city bikes.

What is Oslo City Bike?

City bikes are a cheap and convenient way to get from A to B in the city. Most people use this as a supplement to their own bike, as an alternative to public transport, or just because it’s a fun way to discover Oslo.

The city bike system in Oslo is a collaboration between the Municipality of Oslo and Clear Channel Norway AS, where the municipality makes public advertising space available and gets a city bike service in return. Urban Infrastructure Partner AS owns and operates the city bikes in Oslo.

About 50.000 people in Oslo use the city bikes. Last year, there was about 2,1 million city bike trips in Oslo. We have our own live page where you can follow the usage of the system.

Buy a subscription, find available bikes and unlock, all within our app.

How it works

If you have a valid subscription, you can use the bike as much as you want during the opening hours. The city bikes are available as long as the road conditions permits, normally from April to beginning of December. The stations open at 6 am and close at midnight. You can use the bike for up to 45 minutes before you have to return it to a station.

Subscriptions and prices
For 2017, a season subscription costs NOK 299,-. You can buy here on oslobysykkel.no. Subscriptions for 24 hours (NOK 49) and 72 hours (NOK 99) will be available by season start in April.

Finding the stations
Our bike stations are spread around Oslo, within ring road 3. You can see each and their exact position in our app or on this map. There, we’re also listing new stations in the works.

Unlocking a bike
Are you standing close to a station, you can unlock a bike with Oslo City Bike app on your phone (iPhone and Android). If your phone is out of power, you may use your phone number and a PIN-code at the station’s display. If you want to use a physical card, this can be obtained at an additional cost of 200 NOK at Oslo Visitor Centre in Østbanehallen.

App for iPhone and Android
As well as unlocking bikes, the app gives you overview of available bikes and free locks. You can also see your trip history and contact our customer support. The app is available in both English and Norwegian.

Empty and full stations
To make sure the right amount of bikes are available at the right place at the right time during the day, we need help from dedicated crews and trucks. They are on the road from early morning until the night. If a station is soon to be empty or getting full, a crew will be notified.

The bikes are moved around by special trucks, to balance out empty and full stations.

Who’s behind Oslo City Bike?

Urban Infrastructure Partner AS owns and operates the city bikes in Oslo. We do this on assignment from Clear Channel Norway AS, who has the contract with Oslo Municipality. The system is based on equipment from Sharebike AS. The bikes are designed by Frost, an Oslo based design agency.

Contact us

For customer service, input or other inquiries please send us a message here on this page or in the app. You may also send an email to post@oslobysykkel.no. We love hearing from you and will answer you as fast as we can!