How it works

The most efficient way to get around Oslo is on a bike. City bikes are primarily used for short rides and as a supplement to public transport.

First off: buy a subscription

Season 2019

NOK 399

The best deal for frequent riders. The season lasts from April until the end of November.

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You can also use Oslo City Bike without a smartphone.

  1. Find a bike

    You can find the closest available bike in the app. A bike can be unlocked from 6 am until midnight.

  2. Unlock

    Tap “unlock” in the app when you’re close to a station. It will then tell you which bike is yours.

  3. Ride

    Ride as much as you want, up to 45 minutes at the time. The app watches the time for you. You can extend the rental for NOK 5 per 15 minutes.

  4. Return

    You can return your bike to any station at any time. The closest available locks are shown in the app.

  5. Lock your bike

    Place the nose of the bike in the lock. Wait a bit before you pull on the handlebars to make sure it’s locked. Look for confirmation in the app.

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