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The app lets you find and unlock bikes, as well as set you up with a pass that suits your needs

Find a bike

We have ... stations around Oslo. You can see the number of available bikes in the app.

Ride up to an hour

Or extend the ride with an additional 6 hours, for 15 NOK per 15 minutes.

Park the bike in a station

Check the app for confirmation before you leave.

When you need it

The city bikes are available from April to November the 30th. After that we have winterbikes available until April again. During the winterseason, there are fewer bikes than normal (1000 bikes with studded tires). Winterbikes are primarily intended to cover the city center area, so there will be fewer bikes further from the city center. Be aware that it can be slippery in winter, especially black asphalt can have icy parts you do not see, so adjust speed and be careful when taking turns etc.

Passes and prices